SwapSup – Buy, Sell and Swap

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    from June 2017 till January 2018.
    App updating and bug fixes are onging.

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    SwapSup – Buy, Sell and Swap

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    Mobile App Development

SwapSup – Buy, Sell and Swap

SwapSup is a unique, social, online market place, where users can swap, buy and/or sell items within minutes in an innovative and user friendly platform. Traders upload items with the objective to swap them with the items posted by other traders. Alternatively, you can make speculative cash offers if you see an item you like in the gallery. Traders can chat, barter and negotiate in the in-app chat feature.
Looking to swap your sports car for an SUV? Completed a computer game and want to play a new one? Need a new dress for a big night out? Want to swap an arm chair for an office chair? Or be completely random and swap your TV for a coffee machine or your watch for a golf club. SwapSup is the market place for you to achieve all these goals. Whether it’s an unwanted gift, time for a change, a practical requirement or just a bit of fun; put your items on SwapSup and start chatting to other traders.
SwapSup allows you to offer goods for goods. It also allows you to offer a speculative amount of cash for an item someone has uploaded.
You can swap items of a similar value in the same category, or you can be completely random and swap unrelated goods of different values; a pencil for a plant, a car for a computer or a dress for a hat! The opportunities are endless.
The application is simple:
Sign up for FREE
Upload some pictures of an item you want to swap Add a short description and you’re ready to go.
Head to our online gallery and view other items. See something you like? Hit swap and start chatting to other traders. When you have made a deal with another trader, arrange a time and place to meet to swap your goods. The GPS feature on the application tells you how far away other traders are. So if you don’t want to travel far, you can filter by “Distance of Other Traders”. The app also lets you search based on various filters and categories like cars and bikes, home and furniture, kids toys, clothing and accessories, electronics, games, music, DVDs and miscellaneous.
You can download this great application for FREE and get rid of old items and gain new ones without spending a dollar! Not got anything to swap? Don’t worry; you can offer a cash amount of your choice.
SwapSup is the new way to trade smarter within a social, fun, unique, innovative, exciting and diverse platform. Trade for fun or trade professionally to get the best deals in town.
Forget about traditional e-commerce where you have to part with your cash. Now you can part with redundant and unwanted items and in exchange you can get new ones you want.

SwapSup is a new application which has been developed by a group of friends who want to create a new and exciting market place that improves upon the conventional e-commerce model. Give us a chance to help change the way you trade. As a new app there is plenty of room for improvement and development. There is a lot to do and we would love your feedback, constructive criticism and reviews.
Please feel free to email us for any queries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to say hello. We would love to hear from you. If you have enjoyed any feature of the SwapSup, do not forget to rate us on app store and share among your friends.

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